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Save a Veteran Today (S.A.V.T.), is a 501c3 nonprofit that is proudly committed to serve America’s homeless Veterans who have faithfully served our nation’s interests in its hour of need.

S.A.V.T. will actively assist homeless Veterans find gainful employment as well as providing basic healthcare, hygiene, and lifestyle enhancing interventions.  In addition, we will provide Veterans access to a wholistic treatment program for Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD) and Moral Injury related disorders.

Our overriding vision and mission is to provide critical resources that will greatly enhance the quality of life for our homeless Vets.  We will accomplish this through: Social services, employment counselors, and drug and alcohol counseling.  We plan to network with other helping agency groups to secure affordable housing for homeless Veterans.

Please consider joining us in this dynamic mission of finding new and creative ways to Save A Veteran Today.  We need your support and compassionate giving to ensure success.  After all, these men and women are truly deserving of our kindness, compassion, and generous support.

DONATE TODAY!  We thank you in advance for your generous contributions.

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