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Support for Veterans

Funds Raised: $6,730

In early 2017, we were shocked to discover that on a national level – there are over 555,000 homeless citizens living on the streets, alleys, under bridges, etc., in the United States alone.  Of this figure, nearly 40,000 homeless are Veterans seeking relief.  At S.A.V.T., we are committed to helping solve this national problem.  Here’s what your donation will serve to accomplish:

  • Enabling Veterans living on the streets to discover affordable housing in safe neighborhoods.
  • The opportunity to experience dynamic interventions for such illnesses as PTSD, Moral Injury, and recovery from addictions.
  • Pet Therapy
  • Professional development opportunities for our Veterans through agencies willing to hire Veterans

We Can Do More With Your Help

All Veterans in our country’s cities, large and small, need our help. This national crisis cannot be solved by one or two caring persons. This crisis requires the masses to join hearts (caring) and hands (labor) to put an end to homelessness in America. I’m convinced we can succeed, but only by working together. We can do more with your help.

If you’re as excited as we are to care for these deserving Veterans, please consider setting up a monthly donation this year that will bring us closer to our $2,500,000 goal to meet the challenge. And stay tuned for updates on our blog and through email. We can’t wait to tell you more about the successes at Save A Veteran Today, and all our new partners in the project and the communities we hope to work with.